Topshelf Merchandise Inc.

Topshelf Merchandise Inc., is a company engaged in the importation and distribution of Food & Beverage products from all over the world.

Founded in January 2013, Topshelf is run by a leadership team with two decades of successful international trading and marketing consulting experience. We are all specialists in sourcing, marketing and trade consultations with the belief that the principle of mutual benefit between countries, corporations, customers, employees and communities is the most effective route to profitable and sustainable growth.

Primarily importing and marketing BLU Energy Drink, one of the best energy drinks in the world that originated from Poland and is now in 51+ countries worldwide, Topshelf works with Philippines' best distribution companies in the local market.

Our Core Values

Topshelf Merchandise Inc. works every day to uphold our core values. The ideals we work toward are integrity, quality, commitment, innovation… the values we live and breathe… values found in every product, service and opportunity we offer.

Our Leadership

The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership. Topshelf Merchandise Inc. is managed by strong, decisive, highly-skilled leaders and professionals at its helm, dedicated to the core principles of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.




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