What is BLU all about

BLU is...

  • a study partner of students
  • a driving companion on the road
  • a drinking buddy for clubbers
  • an energy boost for the weary worker
  • a thirst quencher for the insatiable explorer
  • a healthy energy drink for the youthful and fearless athletes but not superhuman

BLU is Music to your mouth!


The key to BLU’s premium tasting product range is the tailor made design. BLU’s drinks are crafted purely for the nightlife as the best cocktail mixer. BLU drinks deliver a premium and refreshing twist on the classic energy hit. Their flavours delight the taste buds, without the aftertaste or caffeine let down. DRINK IT TO BELIEVE IT!!


BLU is an emerging global brand which represents the music and nightlife unlike any other energy drink. A leader in revolutionary product design and uniquely connected to the party scene through music, dance and the youth culture lifestyle. BLU as an innovator celebrates all creative talent!

BLU Story

In 2007 a team of drink experts with a vast knowledge in the beverages industry decided to create, the next generation of energy drinks . Research and development began, and this question was asked to the consumers --> What do you like/dislike about energy drink?

  • The likes were: name, brand and alcohol mix ability.
  • The dislikes: caffeine crash, too carbonated, poor aftertaste, irritated stomach, jitters, excessive prices and poor customer service.

With this knowledge BLU Energy Drinks were born! Branded taste, more energy, vitamins and mix ability, combined with easier consumption dynamics and a SAFER drink. This combined with the ongoing philosophy that marketing funds return to the customer made BLU an instant success !

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